Let's Work!

Having me at your next event is a decision that will bring you much more benefit than the hour... or weeks that I'd spend with you. I intention everything I offer to stick, so be it a workshop, strategy session, keynote or book talk, you will leave with actionable steps and mind-shifting perspectives.

My offerings are tailored to your specific needs; I use your age, demographic, subject matter, pain points and desired outcomes to create a culturally relevant version of whatever it is you need from me. 

I genuinely enjoy the work I do, so what I bring to you is a level of energy and knowledge that will not be matched. Everything I speak on I've either lived through, studied, learned or created. I don't take my craft lightly and I continue to refine it to give you my best every time. 

Fill out the booking form below to give me a deeper understanding of how I can be of service to you. Soon after, I will set up a call so we can get to know each other better! Or shoot me an email at

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