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Clarity & Strategy For Business Relationships & Personal Growth

If you're looking for a coaching program that will help you gain clarity in your life while giving you strategies that are simple to implement and track, TME Coaching is for you!

In Though My Eyes Coaching, I use a combination of Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy methods alongside my RootWork© Goal Setting Techniques to provide you with a well rounded coaching experience. You have the choice of a 2hr intensive or a 2 month development program.


 TME coaching is a combination of life and business coaching because it's impossible to maximize your business goals without first getting your mindset in check. We build up your faith, confidence and boldness to ensure that you have the unshakable foundation needed to reach your full potential. 

I'm not here to fix you because you don't need to be fixed. You tell me what you want; tell me your goals, your dreams, your pain points and your best hopes. This is not a cookie cutter program; we create a customized program that maximizes your skills and talents to get you to your next desired level.

AND if you're looking for session based coaching... I have that for you too!

I offer Solutions-Focused Brief Coaching- a 1 hour session on your desired topic. You can have the session alone or with your partner. The goal is to equip you with the tools and strategies to achieve your best hope.

You can book a Solutions-Focused Brief Coaching session anytime you need one, as often as you'd like, for any reason you want!



  • ​1 hour Solutions-Focused Coaching sessions 

  • Gain clarity and actionable steps 

  • Specializing in individual and couples sessions



  • 2 hour 1 on 1 private strategy session

  • We work your area of choice 

  • We spend the session strategizing, planning and refining based on your goals.

  • You'll leave with a clear plan with actionable steps to track your progress 

  • Solutions Focused Brief Therapy 

  • RootWork© Goal setting 



  • 2 month private coaching

  • 60 min initial call and strategy session

  • Weekly 30 minute calls and text communication

  • Recorded weekly sessions 

  • Organization & Accountability lessons

  • Weekly Stretching Tasks 

  • Solutions Focused Brief Therapy 

  • RootWork© Goal setting 


Click HERE to book a free discovery call

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