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Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy

I have a professional certificate in Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy(SFBT) from the University of Toronto. Credentials are lovely, but what matters most is what this means for you.


Studying SFBT has given me a better foundation to work with clients in a positive, future-focused framework. The past is important of course, but what is most important is taking the steps towards the better future that you want and deserve.


SFBT is highly effective in avoiding re-traumatization because we don't need to rehash the past for a breakthrough. You decide your best hopes and outcomes; I am here to listen and guide you towards it. 


RootWork© is an effective goal setting technique that I created for gaining clarity and sustainability. The premise behind the technique is, 'If you change the root, the fruit will follow.' 


RootWork is broken into 4 parts: Fruit, Depth, Breadth, and Nutrients.


First, we determine your Fruit, which are your goals, aspirations and best hopes. The aim is to have 3 fruit which I can domino goals. Theres are the baseline goals that when accomplished, will activate every other great thing you're hoping for.

Then, we start on the RootWork through Depth which are your personal convictions, beliefs, and requirements as it relates to your fruit. You need to believe in the reality of your goals before we can do anything else. 

The next part is the Breadth. These are the external factors that are needed for your fruit. The people, the resources and everything else that needs to be in line for your goal to come to pass. 

Nutrients are the final and most important part when it comes to having a sustainable goal. If you want your fruit to last, you have to keep the Depth and Breadth of your roots strong. You do this by evaluating and providing over and over again everything that is required for endurance, faith, hope, and results. 

RootWork© can be applied for individual and group goal setting.


You have everything you need, I'm just here to guide you.

I take a non-expert approach to assistance in my work. This is a premise of SFBT that I apply to all areas of my practice. When it comes to working with my clients to achieve their desired outcomes, I never come in with the mindset that I to fix you. I am not here to fix anyone because I don't believe anyone is broken, usually just in need of guidance. So consider me your guide; you tell me what your best hopes and goals are and I help you get there. With the information I gather, I use my skills to get you there in the most effective and personally sustainable way for you. Each client I work with gets one of a kind service based around what is most important to you. 


Sustainable and personalized goal setting 

The purpose of TME Solutions is the empowerment of youth, millennials, and corporate employees with a focus on promoting equity, representation and inclusion through creative, practical, and culturally relatable methods. 


With the push for diversity and anti-racism strategy and policy implementation in corporations and education, I've noticed that the the mark is often missed when it comes to sustainability, so this is what I specialize in. We work together to develop the best strategy considering all of your unique needs and requirements.

My aim is for the offerings at TME Solutions to be simple and practical enough to be continued long after you are finished working with me. My hope is for you to be empowered in your ability to do great and impactful work as an individual or corporation.


Toks Ayinla

Toks Ayinla
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